Top 10 haunted places in India 2024

Top 10 haunted places in India 2024

Top 10 haunted places in India 2024


1.Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan Top 10 haunted places in India 2024

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan
The horrifying mystery of Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan

India, a region rich in ancient mysteries and strange legends, has one place that stands out from the rest: Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan. This centuries-old fort, hidden in the Aravalli Range, is famous as one of the most haunted places in India.


The history of Bhangarh Fort is rooted in a horrifying tale that has been passed down through generations. According to local legend, this place was cursed centuries ago. A magician skilled in mystical arts fell in love with Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh. The princess reveals her intention to conquer him with the magical potion and throws the vial on a rock, which rolls down and crushes the magician. Before his death, he cursed the entire city and predicted that there would be no hope of rebirth.

Frightening and Mysterious Claims: Tourists visiting Bhangarh Fort have described eerie atmosphere and unexplained incidents. As the sun sets behind the fort’s worn walls, the area is filled with rumors of ghostly apparitions, strange sounds and an overall feeling of dread. Locals and visitors alike have felt the presence of unseen forces, forcing the Archaeological Survey of India to close the fort after dark.

Exploring Bhangarh today:

Despite its fearsome reputation, Bhangarh Fort attracts adventurers, history lovers and those interested in things mysterious. Despite being in ruins, the fort retains its majestic aura. Its attraction is enhanced by the intricately carved temples, crumbling ruins and panoramic views of the surrounding environment.

Some tourists swear by the mysterious activity of Bhangarh Fort, while others attribute the legends to tradition and an overactive imagination. Nonetheless, the gloomy atmosphere and mystery of the fort continues to attract tourists from all over the world.

Visiting Tip:

If you want to visit Bhangarh Fort, go during the day as entry is restricted after nightfall. Embrace the historical charm, immerse yourself in local stories, but be mindful of the cultural significance of the place and the surrounding fauna.

In short:

Bhangarh Fort is a monument of India’s rich history, steeped in mysterious tales of curses, unrequited love and obscurity. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, this amazingly grand fort has an unmistakable charm.

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(2). Dumas Beach, Gujarat: Top 10 haunted places in India 2024

Mysteries of Dumas Beach: The Haunted Gem of Gujarat

The beautiful Dumas Beach is located along the Arabian Sea in Gujarat, India. During the day, with its golden dunes and the calming sound of waves breaking on the shore, it is a peaceful and pleasant place. However, as the sun sets and night descends on the shore, another Dumas Beach rave emerges – a side steeped in macabre stories and frightening encounters.

Mysterious Legends:

Around Dumas Beach, local mythology weaves terrifying tales. According to popular belief, the beach was previously used as a cremation ground, where the dead were buried in the traditional Hindu manner. It is believed that the ghosts of these individuals still roam the beach, seeking peace and possibly interacting with the living.

Strange Incidents:

Visitors claim to have witnessed unknown phenomena, especially at twilight. Some people claim to have heard faint whispers coming from the sea breeze, while others claim to have seen terrifying sights along the coast. Footsteps in the sand with no apparent source and unexplained cold spots add to the eerie atmosphere.

Encounter with the Unknown:

One of the most notorious rumors is that of persons inexplicably disappearing while strolling on the beach at night. Both locals and tourists have reported experiencing a supernatural presence that has sent shivers down their spines even on the hottest of evenings.

Scientific reasons:

However, not all puzzles have supernatural origins. The supernatural sounds and sensations are attributed by some to the specific geography and natural features of the beach. The black sand, which is composed of iron particles, generates a magnetic field that can produce strange sounds and emotions under specific circumstances, providing a scientific explanation for these phenomena.

Visit Dumas Beach:

Dumas Beach is an attractive place for adventurous thrill seekers who are not afraid of scary stories. Its breathtaking views, local food at the surrounding kiosks and the pleasant rhythm of the ocean waves make it an unforgettable experience, whether one believes in the supernatural or not.

In short:

Dumas Beach remains a paradox – tranquil during the day, mysterious at night. Whether viewed as an extraordinary hotspot or a haven of natural beauty, its allure is clear. Dumas Beach continues to enchant those who dare to investigate its mysteries, whether driven by curiosity about the unknown or simply looking for the peace of the ocean.

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(3). Raj Kiran Hotel, Maharashtra: Top 10 haunted places in India 2024

Raj Kiran Hotel, Maharashtra

The Haunted Mystery of Raj Kiran Hotel: Uncover Maharashtra’s Unexplored Mysteries

Nestled in the beautiful area of Lonavala, Maharashtra, Raj Kiran Hotel is a paradox – serene during the day, but shrouded in dark tales of magic at night. This seemingly peaceful establishment has gained popularity as one of the haunted places in India, attracting curious visitors and thrill-seekers from across the country.


Originally known for its breathtaking landscapes and genuine friendliness, the hotel took an unexpected turn toward the supernatural. Within its walls, local legends weave tales of unexplained events and horrific scenes. Its scary reputation stems from unsubstantiated incidents and scary statements from both guests and workers.

Guests describe strange encounters, such as scary sounds in empty corridors, flickering lights in empty rooms, or the feeling of an invisible presence. Staff members, too, have hair-raising tales to tell about objects moving on their own or unexplained sounds echoing in the halls late at night.

Unknown environment:

What adds to this creepy atmosphere? Some attribute this to the hotel’s age, history or even its surroundings. Others think about catastrophic events or unanswered puzzles that can leave a lingering energy.

Local legends and speculations:

Local folklore weaves a web of horror stories, fueling speculation over the origins of these unexplained phenomena. Some people associate it with restless ghosts seeking closure, while others link it to the hotel’s interesting history.

Seeking the Unknown:

Despite these legends, Raj Kiran Hotel continues to attract adventurers eager to unravel its secrets. Ghost hunters, paranormal enthusiasts and curious visitors flock to its corridors in search of a glimpse of the unknown.


Raj Kiran Hotel remains an enigma, where the whisper of the extraordinary blends with the tranquility of the Lonavala landscape. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, a trip to this business may make you think about the incomprehensible, the unknown.

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(4). Dow Hill, West Bengal Top 10 haunted places in India 2024

Dow Hill: The Haunted Mystique of West Bengal

Dow Hill, nestled in the beautiful forests of Kurseong, West Bengal, is a site shrouded in strange stories and hair-raising whispers. While this quiet hill town offers stunning views and peace, it also hides a deep mystery that has long attracted the interest of thrill-seekers and ghost enthusiasts.

The aura of Dow Hill is mysterious as it is surrounded by deep forests which gives an atmosphere of mystery. Innumerable reports of unexplained events and sightings recorded by residents and visitors haunt this place. Many people associate things with supernatural powers.

Dow Hill Boarding School is at the center of this mystery, where rumors of ghostly apparitions and disturbing whispers have circulated for decades. Students, professors, and even residents have reported terrifying encounters with mysterious figures and strange footsteps echoing through the empty corridors.

Whispers of the past:

Local folklore is associated with disturbing stories. Some believe that the spirit of a headless boy wanders the woods, while others say that a strange woman in blue robes vanishes into thin air. These stories have been passed down from generation to generation, adding a level of mystery to Dow Hill’s already ominous reputation.

Winter cold:

Surprisingly, most of the strange incidents are recorded during the bone-chilling winter months, which adds to the mystery. Dense fog and bitter cold seem to heighten the sense of alien presence, giving goosebumps to those trekking through the misty forests.

Looking for answers:

Despite numerous testimonies and chilling sensations, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims. Nevertheless, the allure of Dow Hill endures, attracting inquisitive minds and adventurous hearts eager to discover the truth behind the whispers on the wind and the shadows in the night.


Dow Hill remains a mysterious and disturbing area where reality and the afterlife collide. Whether one believes in the paranormal or not, the myths surrounding this place add a dimension of mystery to the grandeur of Kurseong, making it a destination that calls out to the brave to explore its dark depths.

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(5) GP Block, Meerut: Top 10 haunted places in India 2024

Uncovering the Mysteries of Meerut’s GP Block: India’s Haunted Enclave

The GP Block located in the center of Meerut is steeped in creepy stories and hair-raising tales. The area is known for much more than its bustling streets and everyday life; It also has a mystery that attracts curious people looking for the extraordinary.

Mysterious GP Block

GP Block, short for ‘Gandhi Prasad Block’, appears to be any other residential area during the day. However, when twilight occurs, the atmosphere becomes cooler. Locals talk quietly about the unknown incidents that have echoed in the streets for years.

A tapestry of disturbing stories

Whispers of eerie ghosts and strange voices fill the air around GP Block. Many people claim to have seen shadowy figures hiding in the shadows, but upon closer inspection they disappear into thin air. Strange lights and scary sounds have been witnessed, sending shivers down the spines of even the most incredulous passers-by.

search for solution

Ghost hunters, adrenaline seekers and paranormal fans from across the country have converged on the GP block, armed with cameras and recording equipment, in search of answers. Nevertheless, the puzzles persist, puzzling investigators and piqued the interest of the curious.

Local legends and theories

There are many stories about the origin of these terrible events. Some people attribute it to an uneasy feeling seeking solace, while others create stories about the tragic history that continues to cast a shadow over the present. Abandoned buildings and deserted streets contribute to the eerie atmosphere.

disturbing experience

Visitors describe disturbing experiences ranging from unexplained chill gusts and unexpected drops in temperature to unexplained sensations of being watched. Each report increases the mystery surrounding the GP Block, leaving visitors both curious and frightened.


Unsolved Mysteries As night falls on the GP block, the line between the visible and the invisible begins to blur. The legends live on, and this neighborhood fascinates anyone who dares enter its mysterious realm.

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(6). Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad Top 10 haunted places in India 2024

The mysterious side of Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad

Located in the heart of Hyderabad, Ramoji Film City is a great tribute to the glitz and glamor of the Indian film industry. However, rumors and stories of an otherworldly existence have created a shroud of mystery around this historic film studio.

a dual personality

During the day, Ramoji Film City is alive with the hustle and bustle of film sets and excited visitors exploring its vast expanses. The bright atmosphere is infectious, attracting both tourists and movie lovers. However, as the sun sets and the shadows lengthen, a different aura surrounds the place, imbuing it with a sense of mystery and uneasiness.

pulling down the haunted veil

Many testimonials and hair-raising stories have emerged from those who dared to stay for hours within the boundaries of Film City. Visitors and staff members have reported unexplained voices, spooky whispers, and ghostly occurrences. Even seasoned crews whisper tales of strange occurrences, adding to the mystery surrounding this cinematic sanctuary.

terrifying encounters

While some people dismiss these stories as folklore, others tell of personal encounters that send chills down their spine. Visitors have experienced unknown chills, sudden gusts of wind in closed spaces and the feeling of being watched while exploring the quiet corners of Ramoji Film City. Some people claim to have seen extraterrestrials roaming the streets, but when they get closer they disappear into thin air.

mysterious incident

Despite efforts to disprove these claims, puzzles remain. Theories abound that attribute the alleged hauntings to the land’s rich history or deep emotions left behind by the films produced here. Despite this, no clear explanation has been able to dispel the overwhelming feeling of the supernatural pervading the air.

final thoughts

Ramoji Film City, with its glittering exterior and inherent mystery, attracts thrill seekers and curious people alike. Whether one believes in the supernatural or not, the stories woven around this cinematic wonderland provide an intriguing depth to its fantastic narrative. Only here you will get information about “Top 10 haunted places in India 2024”

(7). Tunnel No. 33 on Shimla-Kalka Railway Line, Himachal Pradesh: Top 10 haunted places in India 2024

Uncover the Mysteries of Tunnel No. 33: The Haunted Story of Shimla-Kalka Railway

Tunnel No. 33 on the Shimla-Kalka railway line is a mysterious and scary place hidden among the beautiful hills of Himachal Pradesh. While the natural beauty of this area is often highlighted, there is a lesser-known, disturbing story associated with this tunnel that strikes a shiver in the hearts of those who dare to go near it.


Built in the late 1800s, this railway line was a spectacular engineering marvel of its time, connecting Shimla, the summer capital of British India, with Kalka. Tunnel No. 33 is a silent testament to an ominous history that has persisted for decades amidst beautiful scenery.


According to local tradition and stories passed down through generations, this tunnel is haunted by a ghostly presence. According to legend, a fatal incident occurred in this tunnel during the construction of the railway line. It is reported that a British engineer died under unknown circumstances due to the relentless pressure to complete the tunnel on time. Since then many sightings and disturbing experiences have been recorded by train passengers, railway employees and villagers passing through the tunnel.

Encounters with the Unknown:

Those who braved Tunnel No. 33 have described terrifying encounters. Some people claim to have heard strange sounds like whispers or footsteps throughout the tunnel when there was no one around. Others have noticed a sudden drop in temperature or strange lights flickering in the dark. Some people claim to have seen a spectral figure resembling a long-dead engineer, which adds a disturbing element to the folklore.

Observations and Hypotheses:

Despite the stories, research into paranormal activity near Tunnel No. 33 has shown inconclusive results. Skeptics argue that natural elements, along with the tunnel’s history and eerie atmosphere, may have contributed to these events. Nonetheless, the stories persist, adding to the mystery and allure of this haunted place.

Tunnel 33 Tour:

Tunnel No. 33 is accessible to interested and thrill-seeking travelers through the Shimla-Kalka railway line. Travelers are usually attracted by the surrounding beauty, but a sense of intrigue and anxiety also comes with the journey through this frightening tunnel.


Tunnel No. 33 on the Shimla-Kalka railway line continues to surprise and thrill both visitors and locals. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, the history and spooky air of this area make it a puzzle worth exploring, if only to feel the shiver-inducing thrill of the unknown. Only here you will get information about “Top 10 haunted places in India 2024”

(8). Dow Hill, Tamil Nadu: Top 10 haunted places in India 2024

Exploring the haunted legends of Dow Hill in West Bengal

Dow Hill, situated amidst the beautiful hills of Kurseong in West Bengal, is a place surrounded by strange stories and haunted traditions. While the area is known for its stunning beauty and peaceful environment, this specific place has a strange and eerie reputation.

mysterious setting

Dow Hill is home to the prestigious Dow Hill Girls’ School and Victoria Boys’ School, surrounded by deep forests that seem to hide secrets spoken amongst the ancient trees. The misty roads and deserted forests create the perfect setting for ghost stories.

headless ghost stories

Among the many ghost stories, one stands out in particular: the tale of the headless ghost that roams these forests. Locals and even students have reported seeing a headless apparition roaming among the trees. Stories tell that people catch a glimpse of this eerie apparition before it disappears into the mist.

unknown whispers and footsteps

Visitors to Dow Hill have reported hearing unexplained voices and disembodied footsteps echoing down the abandoned corridors of the school. According to some stories, eerie laughter can be heard in the forest, sending shivers down the spine of anyone who dares to come close.

terrible winter weather

Surprisingly, the strangest phenomena occur during the winter months, when the fog is thick and the surroundings take on a supernatural appearance. The cold, foggy atmosphere seems to add to the spooky atmosphere, making visitors feel uncomfortable.

Folktales and speculations in the area

Dow Hill is associated with many myths and beliefs among the residents. Some attribute these ghosts to the spirits of laborers who died in the neighboring forests or to incidents that occurred during the construction of the school.

looking into the extraordinary
These eerie stories have attracted ghost hunters and lovers looking for evidence of the other world. On the other hand, the puzzles of Dow Hill remain mostly unsolved, which adds to its charm.


The sinister mysteries and ghostly legends of Dow Hill continue to surprise and fascinate both residents and tourists. Whether one believes in the supernatural or not, the stories surrounding this place generate interest and thrill, making Dow Hill an interesting place in the field of haunted places of India. Only here you will get information about “Top 10 haunted places in India 2024”


(9). Fern Hill Hotel, Ooty: Top 10 haunted places in India 2024

Ooty: A Haunting Story, Secrets of Fern Hill Hotel Unveiled

Nestled amidst the serene surroundings of Ooty, Fern Hill Hotel is a testament to colonial beauty and ethereal mystery. Beyond its attractive facade lies a history shrouded in ghostly whispers, luring curious visitors and thrill seekers from all over.

Elegance and Enigma Heritage

Fern Hill Hotel, originally built as a holiday palace for the Maharaja of Mysore, exudes old-world grandeur. Its Victorian building and lush green surroundings provide a beautiful atmosphere that belies the horror stories surrounding it.

whispers of the supernatural

However, beneath the surface of this delightful holiday lies a tapestry woven with tales of strange occurrences. Guests and staff have reported eerie occurrences in the hotel’s hallways, including faint whispers echoing in the empty halls, apparitions appearing late at night, and inexplicable feelings of being watched.

report on unexplained

Many visitor stories detail inexplicable experiences. Some people claim to have seen shadowy creatures flitting through the corridors, while others have reported noticing an ominous presence following a drop in the temperature. These terrifying encounters have contributed to the hotel’s reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in the area.

Local legends and theories

Local legends are associated with the story of the hotel, attributing a range of sightings and sensations ranging from tragic love stories to troubled spirits of the past. The stories vary, but they all add layers of mystery to the already intriguing atmosphere of the hotel.

magic of the unknown

Despite its haunted reputation, the Fern Hill Hotel continues to attract curious guests who want to experience its eerie atmosphere for themselves. Ghost hunters, adrenaline seekers and people interested in supernatural mysteries come to this place in the hope of seeing otherworldly sights.


enchantment check

Whether one believes in the paranormal or not, Fern Hill Hotel in Ooty is a mesmerizing place. Its allure is created by a combination of colonial charm, breathtaking landscapes and eerie mystery.

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(10). Long Dehar Mines, Mussoorie:  Top 10 haunted places in India 2024

Uncovering the horrifying mystery of Mussoorie’s Lambi Dehar mine


Lambi Dehar Mines is a place full of horror stories and hair-raising folklore amidst the beautiful hills of Mussoorie. Apart from its serene facade, this abandoned limestone mine has a horrifying history and a reputation as one of the most haunted places in India.

The Lambi Dehar mine in Mussoorie, which was earlier a thriving center of limestone quarrying, had a sad past. Countless accidents and deaths occurred in its depths, taking away the lives of countless workers working in these tunnels.

Creepy Tales:

Around the Lambi Dehar mine, local tradition weaves eerie tales. Rumors spread about the troubled spirits of those who died in the mines, wandering among the abandoned tunnels and mines. Visitors and locals alike report terrifying experiences and strange occurrences that add to the mystery of this place.

Many brave souls who have visited the Lambi Dehar Mines have claimed to have seen spectral visions, heard eerie whispers, and felt a vague sense of foreboding. Reports of ghostly sightings and unexplained sounds have led to the belief that the place is haunted.

The mystery continues:

Despite the lack of sufficient evidence, mystery and intrigue remain around the Lambi Dehar mine. Exceptional enthusiasts, adventurers and curious minds continue to investigate the area in the hopes of seeing other worlds or uncovering the secrets hidden within the abandoned tunnels.


The Lambi Dehar mines are a relic of a bygone era filled with sorrow and mystery. Whether one believes in the paranormal or not, the myths surrounding this remote location continue to capture the imagination, enticing adventurous souls to explore its terrifying past. Only here you will get information about “Top 10 haunted places in India 2024”

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